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Somru Bioscience is an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to developing breakthrough antibody technology for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The company utilizes a unique and proprietary Somru™ technology which produces antibodies with superior binding affinity and bioactivity in a wide variety of biological assays in a short period of time.

We also offer a wide range of quality reagents for research and diagnostics applications as well as biosimilar research and development. Our products and services portfolio are designed to help you meet your goals. We can develop custom antibodies and generate quality reagents that will enable you to accelerate the drug development process. We also have the capability to perform fit-for purpose validations for any of the above mentioned products.

In addition, we are developing a portfolio of “ready-to-use” kits for ultra-sensitive and highly specific detection of drug (innovator and biosimilar) and anti-drug (innovator and biosimilar) antibodies.

Featured Product

Somru Bioscience Inc. is pleased to announce that we have an anti-trastuzumab(Herceptin®) antibody now available. This antibody was developed in rabbit against the F(ab)2 fragment of the trastuzumab. You can purchase a trial vial for $199 (50 µg). For inquiries, please contact us




New Product Release

Somru Bioscience Inc. is pleased to announce the release of drug specific Isotyping kit and sub-isotyping kit. Our isotyping kit allows for detection of human IgG, IgM, IgA and IgE antibdies. Our sub-isotyping kit allows for detection of four subtypes (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgG4) of IgGs. For inquiries, please contact us



Employment Opportunity

Somru BioScience Inc. is always looking for talented scientist, technician, QA analyst, project managers and other professionals who are ready to join us on the front line of accelerating drug development revolution. Interested in working with us? View our current opportunity here