Somru BioScience


Accelerating Biosimilar Development

The rise of biosimilars has provided challenges and opportunities in equal measure for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and bioanalytical contract research organizations (CROs). Somru BioScience has developed a portfolio of reagents, tools and solutions that will enable companies to capitalize on the biosimilar opportunity.

Biocomparability Testing Solutions

Somru BioScience offers wide range of biocomparability testing solutions so that you can test your biosimilar early in the development process and minimize the risk of failure during late phases of the drug development.

Bioassay Solutions

Evaluate functionality of your biosimilar using cell-based assay based on the drug’s mechanism of actions such as cell proliferation, cell viability, cell signaling, receptor activation, and ligand binding assays to measure various downstream proteins.

Antibody Functionality Testing

Evaluate antibody function evaluating following assays: ADCC assays, CDC assays, Fc Receptor binding assays (i.e, FcγRI(CD64), FcγRII(CD32a), FcγRIII(CD16a), and FcRn etc.) and C1q binding assays.

We are confident that we can help your company reap the benefits of the Biosimilar opportunities and accelerate your Biosimilar drug development program. For inquiries, please Contact us.