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Immunogenicity ELISA Kits

for the detection of specific
anti-drug antibodies

Pharmacokinetic ELISA Kits

for precise, sensitive, and accurate measurement of biologics

Somru SARS-COV-2 Response

Somru is actively responding to the current
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Business contunity update

Somru BioScience. Accelerating your drug development

Accelerating Biosimilars Development

The rise of biosimilars has provided challenges and opportunities in equal measure for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and bioanalytical contract research organizations (CROs). Somru BioScience has developed a portfolio of reagents, tools, solutions and a knowledge database that will enable companies to capitalize on biosimilar opportunities. We provide comprehensive expertise and solutions to reduce both the time and cost of your biosimilar development programsa

How similar is your biosimilars?

Somru BioScience has developed an intelli.b™ platform for comparability testing of Biologics/ Biosimilars at molecular level that meets the intent of the FDA guidance for fingerprint-like analysis.

Immunogenicity ELISA

Somru BioScience offers high quality, sensitive and robust off-the-shelf ELISA kits for the measurement of anti-drug antibodies (i.e. both anti-innovator and anti-biosimilar) in biological matrices. 

Biomarker Testing Solutions

Biomarkers have become an integral part of the decision-making process not only in the personalized drug development process, but also in biosimilar and biobetter drug development.

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