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Features & Benefits

  • Broad Coverage:
    Utilizes more than 200 antibodies to develop 3-D conformational fingerprint
  • Intelligent Database:
    Data analysis is supported by extensive databank containing 150+ innovator and biosimilar fingerprints
  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Analysis
  • Glycan Profiling
  • Predictive of Functional Activities:
    • Target binding
    • ADCC and CDC activity
    • Fc Receptor binding

Intelli.b – Biosimilar Fingerprinting Technology

Somru BioScience has developed Intelli.b™ – a platform for the comparability testing of biosimilars at a molecular level that meets the intent of the FDA guidance for fingerprint-like analysis. The Intelli.b™ platform is an integrated, multi-parameter approach that is extremely sensitive in identifying analytical differences (i.e. fingerprint-like analysis).

Application of Intelli.b

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