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Insulin Aspart (Novolog®) PK


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Data Sheet

Insulin Aspart (Novolog®) – PK ELISA

Catalogue Number: SB-07-052

For the quantitative determination of Insulin Aspart in human serum and plasma

Notice: This product specification data sheet is for information purposes only. Please contact for up to date information.

Product Specifications Data Sheet

About The Somru® Insulin Aspart PK ELISA is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay in which two monoclonal antibodies are directed against separate epitopes on the Aspart molecule.
Detection Method Colorimetric
Storage Kit ships at 2 to 8°C. Multiple storage temperatures upon arrival.
Calibrator Recombinant human insulin
Assay range 3-100 µU/mL
Sensitivity 3 µU/mL
Precision Intra-assay precision ranges from 5 to 9%. Inter-assay mean precision is 11%. Determined by analysis of samples at 20 µU/mL in 6 replicates, on 6 different occasions.
Accuracy Determined by analyzing three levels of quality control samples in 6 replicates on 6 different occasions. The Mean %bias is ≤ 20%.
Total Error Calculated by adding the mean %bias with inter-assay variability (%CV). The Total Error is ≤ 20%
Cross reactivity Insulin         100 %
C-peptide        < 0.1 %
Proinsulin       54 %
Insulin lispro     102 %
Insulin aspart     100 %
Insulin determir    25 %
Insulin glargine    45 %
Insulin glulisine   111 %
Rat insulin      75 %
Mouse insulin      54 %
Porcine insulin     71 %
Ovine insulin       108 %
Bovine insulin     48 %
Interpretation of Results A calibration curve is constructed by plotting the absorbance values on a 4-point parameter fit curve. The concentration of insulin aspart in test samples is interpolated from the calibration curve.
Safety Warnings and Precautions All reagents and samples should be handled as if potentially hazardous and infectious. It is recommended that all kit reagents are handled by trained laboratory staff and are used in accordance with GLP.

Notice: Somru® ELISA kits are custom-made to order. Each kit lot is tested to ensure that it meets specifications before shipment. Minor adjustments to the preparation of reagents may occur due to lot-to-lot variation. Please always refer to the product sheet enclosed with each kit before performing each experiment.

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1 pack ( 2 x 96 wells)

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