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Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (Sermorelin®) PK


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Data Sheet

Growth-Hormone-Releasing-Hormone (GHRH) – PK ELISA

Catalogue Number: SB-07-042

Notice: This product specification data sheet is for information purposes only. Please contact for up to date information.

Product Specifications Data Sheet

About The Somru® GHRH ELISA kit is competitive enzyme immunoassay technique for in vitro quantitative measurement of GHRH in biological mtrices.  This user-friendly assay design utilizes high specific monoclonal antibody to capture GHRH in sample competitively in presence of biotinylated GHRH.

Growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), also known as growth-hormone-releasing factor (GRF, GHRF), somatoliberin, sermorelin or somatocrinin, is a releasing hormone for growth hormone.

Detection method Colorimetric; absorbance at 450 nm with reference absorbance at 650 nm.
Storage Store the unopened kit at 2-8 °C.
Quality Control Samples (QCs) Three levels of QCs are included for custom GLP kits for an additional cost. QCs are prepared by fortifying GHRH in human serum.
Dilutional Linearity Dilutional linearity was established up to 100 fold.
Hook Effect No hook effect was observed up to 100,000 pg/mL of GHRH.
Precision The precision was determined by analyzing samples prepared at 400 pg/mL in 6 replicates on 6 different occasions. Intra-assay precision (coefficient of variation(CV)) ranges from  6% to 14%. Inter-assay precision was at 16%.
Accuracy The accuracy was determined by analyzing three levels of quality control samples in 6 replicates on 6 different occasions. Mean absolute %bias was less than 12%.
Total Error Total Error (TE) was calculated by adding the mean %bias with inter-assay variability (%CV). The TE was found to be 28%.
Selectivity Recovery Selectivity of the assay was evaluated by spiking 10 individual serum lots with 400 pg/ml of GHRH. The recovery ranges from 82% to 97%. The mean recovery was 91%.
Sensitivity The limit of detection is 7.3 pg/mL.
Safety Warnings and Precautions All chemicals should be considered potentially hazardous. We recommend that this product and its components be handled by those trained in laboratory techniques and be used according to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice.


Notice: Somru® ELISA kits are custom-made to order. Each kit lot is tested to ensure that it meets specifications before shipment. Minor adjustments to the preparation of reagents may occur due to lot-to-lot variation. Please always refer to the product sheet enclosed with each kit before performing each experiment.

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1 pack ( 2 x 96 wells)

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