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Somru developed the following comprehensive list of  bioanalytical assays to support Denosumab biosimilar  development  PK Assays to support Denosumab  ADA Assay to support Denosumab 1. SPEAD method  2. Somru does not recommend the use of SPR method due to the sensitivity  requirements of regulatory authorities and matrix effect  Neutralizing Antibody Assay  Cell-based Nab Assay  Pharmacodynamic Assay Somru has validated antibody …

A comprehensive bioanalytical solution for Denosumab(Prolia®, Xgeva®) Read More »

Synapse Announces 2019 Innovator Awards! A pioneer and a prodigy from PEI’s bioscience business community are the inaugural winners of the Synapse Innovator Awards. “There are world-class success stories that have stemmed directly from individuals with a past or present connection to UPEI,” says Synapse CEO Justin Moores. “As the University’s commercialization office, we have …

Synapse Announces 2019 Innovator Awards! Read More »

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